Monday, February 16, 2009

Under the spyglass

Snaps to Michael Leahy for a beautifully written, nuanced piece in the Post today. He's talking about political, and politicized, documentary filmmaking--a la everyone's favorite incendiary meglomaniac, Michael Moore.

Now it's Nancy Pelosi's daughter who's made a film that displays a pantheon of conservative stereotypes.

It's drive-by journalism, to put it charitably, a string of stupefyingly brief hit-and-run interviews with a bunch of unidentified people who we know are going to say nothing that will surprise us. By then, we've already figured out they're going to be fried by Pelosi's camera. We know they're going to sound like yahoos, often goaded, always reduced to sound bites and caricatures.

All the conventions of the smirking, winking, belittling political documentary are abided by in this film.

Ouch. And I'm not talking about Pelosi's attempts to be clever. This is so much worse than Obama's comment that the working class clings to "guns and religion" because they're bitter. (And, if you still don't understand why that was unintentionally offensive? We should talk.)

Speaking of partisanship, there's also an interesting lead piece in the Post today about how Republicans plan to leverage (potential) failures of the stimulus package to their advantage in the 2010 midterm election. Ah yes, they're already thinking about it.

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